Swimming with otters

Hello peeps.

I was just scrolling trough Facebook when I came across a video from Buzzfeed where they were swimming with otters! Yes you read that right, otters. I do think they are by far the cutest water animal I have ever seen, especially when you know they hold each others paws so they won’t drift off alone when they sleep. otter1

Nurtured By Nature provides this experience, they are an organization that want people but especially children to get in touch with animals and let them see that animals can bond with people but they still belong in nature. I think that really is amazing, I mean I would love an otter as a pet but obviously that’s not possible, unless I can live by a lake and he can live in the lake (maybe someday..).


It is a bit pricey (200$) but it might just be worth it, getting a chance to swim with these cuties. So I better start saving up then.

I will definitely put this on my bucketlist, unfortunaly (for me) it is in California and I think it may be a while before I will go to California. But for that I have my bucketlist. Is this on yours or are you not to fond of little otters climming in to your bathingsuit? Let me know in the comments, because I’d like to know.

See you soon ✌🏻️


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