Makeuplook & Eyeshadow lipstick try out

Hello peeps!

So I see a lot of people try this look or should I say trick? They put on a liquid lipstick and when it’s still wet put on a loose eyeshadow. So I decided to try it! I put on Lovegood from LA Splash and then put a loose eyeshadow from MAC Rose on top. It’s so simple, just put it on and that’s it. I also find that the lipstick isn’t as sticky as before, which makes perfect sense since your putting on a powder, but it does feel like there’s a lot on your lips.

2016-05-19 15.27.26.jpg

I do need to work on applying my liquid lipstick, but gosh it’s hard especially when you when as small lips as mine. But we all start somewhere and hey maybe in a year or so I will be a pro at putting on liquid lipstick, but if only I practice enough.

While I am posting this I can show you my everyday look (everything is everyday in this look except for the lipstick). I love using a cream eye shadow, usually a brown -gold color and then put a powder eye shadow on top, as I did here. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze and on top H&M Ginger Snap and in the corner a cream eyeshadow stick from NYX Yogurt. First of all those names, Yas!, love a sassy and fun eye shadow name. Cream eye shadows are just the best, they blend so easily and are quick to put on, also if you put on a powder eye shadow, the eye shadow really sticks to it. Besides all that, look at my highlight tho, shine bright like a diamond.


Now I now that my look doesn’t look perfect but I don’t think it matters, I love just a simple look just with a little bit extra. What’s your daily look?

See you soon


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