Banana Breakfast milkshake (vegan)

For breakfast I’ve been really loving this vegan breakfast milkshake. It’s so good and filling,I enjoy this milkshake for breakfast together with two sliced kiwi’s.

What do you need?
– 1 Banana – 1 teaspoon chai seeds
– Almondmilk (I use around 1/2 cup) It really depends how thick you want your milkshake
– Cinnamon
– Agave (to taste)

2016-05-26 11.09.46

Then just put everything in a blender and blend until it’s smooth. You can replace the almondmilk with any kind of milk you like, I think oatmilk would be so good with this. I put a lot of cinnamon in my milkshake but how much you put in yours is up to you.

2016-05-26 11.12.24.jpg

Banana and almondmilk really fills you up. The chai seeds keep your blood sugar and hormones in balance, they also contain lot’s of omega-3 and fiber. They are so good for you body and I like the taste of them in my smoothie/ milkshake and you can make chaipudding with them. If you haven’t tried chai seeds then you should! Cinnamon is also good for balancing your blood sugar, it’s also good for your cholesterol.

I hope you try out this breakfast milkshake and tell me what you think about it!

See you soon!



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