DIY: Growing herbs and lettuce

You read the title right, I am going to attempt to grow my own lettuce and herbs. Specifically I will try to grow basil, watercress, arugula and pak choi. Let’s hope I don’t let them die like all my other plants, note: I do manage to keep my cats alive so there’s that.

I went to IKEA and found this whole set to grow plants, you even had a lamp and a conservatory for the plants. But since I am not entirely sure if this will work I’ll begin small and then if this turns out to be a success then I’ll invest in my new hobby as a gardener.


First off I read the instructions, that’s what you always do when you buy things at Ikea. But that didn’t make this more easier, I just got confused. It showed that I should but my little plant in the pot’s that I bought but how can I immediately have a plant of the beginning of a plant if I only have seeds? Well looking online now I get it, I don’t have the conservatory on the right, but let’s improvise.


This is what I have, the pot’s the soil, the little cotton pads (which I needed the conservatory for) and the fertilizer and of course the seeds.


I filled up the pots with the soil like it said on the instructions.


Placed the cotton balls (they have a specific name but am not a gardener.. yet) in the pots.

DSC_0381 (2)

Topped it off with the seeds and labeled them, so I can now which is which. I filled the rest of the pots with the soil and then poured some water on top of the cotton balls and seeds. And now we pray! Even though I did do it a bit wrong I still hope it works. I’m going to wait for a few days and if nothing happens I will go to the store and get me that conservatory.

I will keep you guys updated if the first seeds are becoming a baby plant. Wish me good luck because I ‘ll need it!

See you soon!


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