Lockshop review; Blonds have more fun?

I have been looking at this web-shop for some time but could never decide which wig I should get? Especially since it’s my first really wig apart from my wigs for my costumes. Then suddenly they introduced there new line ‘Soft waves’ with lot’s of natural colors, all so pretty. I already had my mind set on a blond wig so I decided I would get one of the new collection, Soft waves Vanille. 


So I ordered it right away and got it after 2 days, which is amazing! But also probably has to do with the fact that I live in Belgium and I believe there web-shop originates from the Netherlands. None the less it’s still fast. It arrived in big box, that way the wig couldn’t be squashed or anything.


Looks so pretty coming out of the box, it looks very natural. Does not feel like it is just plain fake. Then of course, the most important part of all, how will it look like on me? Will I look good as a blond or should I have gone with another color? Well you be the judge.

I already am in love, I think it really looks like my hair and with the blue contacts from PinkyParadise it’s just perfect. I do see if I would like to style it differently or not. But that’s the great thing I think about this wig, all their wigs are heat resistant up to 200C° or 390F° but they do recommend up to 150C° or 300F°.

The price is very good when you compare it to the quality, I have mine only for a few day’s but I heard lot’s of great things before I ordered at Lockshop wigs.What will be my next one, I’ve had my eye on a lavender colored one for a while. But they are all so pretty. These ones are already on my wishlist, which are on yours? I hope they restock soon.

See you soon!





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