Soap&Glory review and haul

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In London we bought a bunch of Soap&Glory products. They had an action, buy 2 get one free, which is amazing.Β I also got their face soap which I was really curious about.


I’ll begin with my favorite one, this face soap is exactly as it says on the package. This is technically not a soap. Smoothes! Cleans! Purifies! It really feels like it’s a soap but not a soap, it is not harsh for your skin. I have a difficult skin, very sensitive and gets easily red and irritated. This ‘soap’ leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and not dry. After I wash my face with this I spray on some rosewater and put on my day or night cream.


Soap&Glory has some good scrubs so of course I got to have one. They have a lot of great scents but this one just smells A-MA-ZING. Breakfast scrub, Oat-sugar-shea, great maple scent! Indeed great maple scent because this smells like pancakes with pale syrup and butter. I bought this, got back to the hotel and immediately got in the shower and scrubbed my body with this deliciousness. If this was edible I would eat it. Go buy it, smell it and thank me later.

DSC_0389 (2)

I got this thinking it was a self tanner, but actually it is much better then that. For me this is a dupe for Benefits Hoola Body Bronzer, but not as pricey. I don’t have the Hoola bronzer myself but I tried it in the store and it looked beautiful but this one from Soap&Glory is almost the same. No streaks and washes easily off, it gives you a beautiful glow.

DSC_0372 (2)

As you can see my upper arm is white, it has seen no sun at all and the one below is pretty and sun kissed. I used two thin layers but I can easily tell it’s build able. If you don’t want to pay the price of Benefits Hoola then get this.


I got this one thinking it would give me a skinny tummy but turns out you need to workout for that, who knew?! I am going to use this after I come home for the gym because I feel it will work best then. Supposedly your stretch marks should be less noticeable and your ‘wobbly bits’ will be smooth yet again. I feel like this is an alternative on the coffee-wrap around your tummy that you see passing by on Pinterest and YouTube, this serum however is less messy.

Do you have any of these product? What do you think about about them? Let me know!

See you soon,




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