Wishlist hair colors

I love to make wishlists or  just lists in general. I seriously have a little notebook filled with lists and I love it.

I have had a few hair colors already; dark brown, light brown (almost blond), Purple ombre (which was gone after a day since I did it poorly at home), burgundy. My natural hair color is brown, almost like I have at the moment. I love switching up my hair color and hairdo, when I was younger I have had extremely short hair, a bob, shorter on one side and longer on the other and others I can’t remember but probably have photo’s off. Anyways let’s start making a list!


I really want to have purple hair, I hopefully will this summer. This color is just so pretty! I love that it goes from dark roots to this lavender purple color, exactly what I want.


These are different kinds of pink; faded pink, pastel pink and bright almost purple pink. I do prefer the pastel pink and look at that braid with the beautiful pastel roses; Perfection! I don’t think I would dare to go pink although I would dare to go purple but the purple I want somehow seems less bright as pink. Which is just in my head because nor pink nor purple is a natural hair color.


This is not the average unicorn hair since unicorn hair is bright colors but I like that this is subtitle but yet a few different colors. I think if I would get unicorn hair it would be like this.


Grey hair; the most popular hair color nowadays. I think it is very beautiful  and kind of reminds me of Khaleesi’s hair. When she walks out of fire her hair is slightly filled with ashes and looks more grey then white hair she really has. Can we admire this beautiful braid with the roses, I think I am in love.



This colors is bright, out of the box and looks like fire! I think it’s beautiful but I would probably never dare to get it. But if a hair dresser would choose to do this to my hair, I wouldn’t be mad at all.

What hair colors are on your wishlist?

See you soon,



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