DIY Rose room spray

“Stop and smell the roses”

I really wanted to share this easy and simple diy, it takes 5 minutes and you only need 3 ingredients. I got this diy from Pinterest and I had to try it. I made this a couple of times before with lavender but now of course with rose to match with this blog perfectly,that actually makes me think, you can total put some glitter in this!


For this diy you will need;
-Filtered water (or bottled water)
-Rose essential oil or rose oil scent
-Baking soda

Then you simply add 1 teaspoon to the amount of water you need for your spray bottle and 35-40 drops of the rose oil and mix it all together. You need to use filtered water or bottled water so there is no chalk in the water which could clog your spray bottle. I used rose oil scent and you need quit a lot of it to really smell the rose in there. For my lavender room spray I used an essential oil and that worked really well, you don’t need a lot and scent is strong and lovely. The baking soda in there will soak up all the unpleasant scents in the air. I use this spray a lot when one of the cats goes in their litter box and this spray works miracles, that’s why I love it so much. You can also use this spray on your linen, towels or bed sheets.

For the spray bottles, I got mine a the travel section. They sell a lot of empty bottles and pots in a set for your cream or makeup to take on the airplane. You can also use an old spray bottle and clean it out and put a new label on it. I used and chalk based label and a chalk pen for mine.


I hope you try this out, it’s incredibly easy and it such a good spray.

See you soon,



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