Alice in wonderland Tea Time

“You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head.. But I’ll tell you a secret.. All the best people are.”

Last week I saw the new Alice Trough the Looking Glass movie and I loved it. They showed all the    backgrounds of the characters and overall it was a fun movie. Since I was feeling like going to wonderland myself I thought why not make a proper wonderland inspired tea time.




I had already made a bunch of cupcakes so I just made some little ones as well. If you want the recipe for that, I made an entire post about it and it includes unicorns.


You must have some magical Eat me cakes and a bottle of special Drink me potion. If you ever must grow or shrink it’s handy to have near by.

Be sure to invite lot’s of friends to your tea party, I invited the Mad hatter. But he ate to much cakes.. He shrunk entirely but his hat didn’t.. Well that why we have the potion!


As for tea I chose a Lavender flavored tea and that really was delicious but why not get a popcorn flavored tea? How very curious.. I once got it at High tea in London and that was magical.


What sweets do you want at your tea party? I hope you enjoyed this magical post as much as I loved making it. Now tell me, can you name six impossible things, leave them down in the comments below.

  1. I will become the president
  2. After the summer I will love to study
  3. Cats will someday rule the world (not sure if it’s really that impossible)
  4. In the year 3000 we all will live underwater
  5. Unicorns will be the new “gotta-have” pet 
  6. I someday will have more money than the  Kardashians have 

See you soon,



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