Marble Nightstand Hack

This summer I’m going to redecorate my room entirely so why not start with my nightstand? I got this beautiful marble sticker roll  at the store and I wanted to use this to create a marble background for photo’s, which I will probably still do. But I really wanted to change up my nightstand because it was getting a bit boring.


I have had this nightstand for quit some time now so it was time to renew it without spending to much money. Surprisingly this diy was extremely easy and I say surprisingly  because I can’t even stick my screen protector straight on my phone, it always has air bubbles and the placement is all wrong. So I was nervous about sticking this marble sticker on my nightstand.

First I needed to clean  my nightstand and made sure there was no grease on the surface. I used a special product to get rid of the grease. I measured everything and cut out my marble sticker. They said to stick the paper on gradually and to press it on the surface with a cloth or a towel. This makes sure that there are no air bubbles and the sticker goes on smoothly.



Look at it shine! It think this hack is perfect to pimp your old nightstand. My family loved it and said that it looks like real marble and I am in love as well.

Which book is laying on top of that beautiful nightstand you might ask? Well you might not ask which book since you can perfectly read the title and the authors name. BUT you might ask what it is about, well since you asked. It is an amazing book which I just started reading and I already love it. It’s a world were you get matched with a partner and with that person you will get married and have children. The society chooses which job you get, when you get married and when you will die. Intriguing story line don’t you think? I sure do, it reminds me off UgliesWhich is also a great book and I wrote an article about in Flemish but let me know if you’d like me to write a new one in English.

I also cleaned out my draw, I will spare you the before pictures, I bought this box that initially was for office supplies but perfect for my nightstand draw. 

My room already looks so much prettier and since I changed my lights around my bed and bought new bed sheets it’s really coming together. I will choose new curtains, a different poster for above my bed and the colors for the walls this summer. Then it will certainly look like a whole different room.


What do you think of my bed sheets? I will surely post better pictures of my bed and room when it’s all done or in the meantime on my Instagram.

See you soon,




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