Barbie inspired look + Bloody Barbie

“I want to be Barbie, the bitch has everything “

What better way to spend your Sunday afternoon dressing up as Barbie. I had lot’s of fun dressing in all pink and taking thousands of pictures and then afterwords when Barbie fell of the stairs, walking around with a face full of blood and scare your parents and brother. It felt like Halloween and I loved it.


To become Barbie I did my makeup as usual, everything but the eyes. For the eyes I went with lots of pink eye shadows and to make my eyes look bigger I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk and I used it on my waterline. I tried putting on some fake eyelashes but it just didn’t work. I never put on fake eyelashes and because I am so bad at putting them on I had to redo one eye because there was eyelash glue all over it. Please someone teach me.


DSC_0409 (2)


I mean I was having a blast taking pictures but my cat he just looks terrified.


It could have to do with me holding him like doll.. But I just think that he could Bruce and I could be Elle Woods. No tiny dogs for me, I am a cat lady to the core.


Afterwards he warmed up to the camera and I mean.. I think he needs to think a career in modelling. “Louis, cat male model”


“Life in plastic, it’s fantastic” 


But a Barbie look is just too ‘plain’ I just had to gore it up. I could have done a better job, making it really disgusting but I kept it simple. Like Barbie fell off the stairs and magically got pink veins on her face and got red eyes instead of blue.





I hope you enjoyed this look, I sure did. While taking the pictures on the stairs my dad walked by and well he wasn’t expecting his daughter on the stairs with a wig, red eyes and a face full of blood.

Scaring people isn’t only fun on Halloween you know..

See you soon,


Lenses from: PinkyParadise

Wig from: Lockshop Wigs


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