Bento Box: Panda’s and a bunny

I follow lot’s of Instagram account where they make beautiful bento boxes and I really wanted to make an as pretty bento box as on all those pictures. Since I can’t carve out a cute panda by hand I ordered a panda mold on Aliexpress. It included a panda mold and seaweed puncher for the ear, eyes and basically all the black parts of the panda. I also bought an egg bunny mold.

DSC_0497 (2)

DSC_0495 (2)

So first off I cooked my sushi rice and hard boiled my egg. To the sushi rice I added Mirin and sesame oil to flavor it. I cut all the nori out I needed and made my pandas, after I let the egg cool down I put it in the bunny mold.


After I had my two pandas and my bunny egg, I prepared the rest of my bento box and of course I needed a pretty box to put it all in. I bought my box at Flying Tiger and it has two parts, perfect to keep the dessert and the savory apart.


I flavored the rest of the sushi rice with rice flavoring and laid it down in the box and the covered it with smoked salmon. In the mean time I steamed some store bought dumplings. I wanted to make sure the eyes and mouth of the bunny stood out more put that didn’t work at so great. I used red foo coloring and two heart sprinkles as the eyes, but unfortunately the food coloring bled out and that’s exactly what it looks like, a bleeding bunny. But it still tasted good.


I sprinkeled some black sesame seeds on top and laid everything nicely in the box. Then I started to assemble my dessert. I used cupcake wrappers for lay each dessert in. I cut up a strawberrie and shaped the slices in heart, I also placed some black berries with the strawberries. In another wrapper I placed a store bought mochi and in a smaller wrapper I put some apple bubble tea bubbles, I bought these at my favorite bubble tea place in Antwerp ‘8Tea5′.


On the side I had some rice seaweed crackers.


I ate this immediately after I made it and it was so good. I don’t know if it was because it looked so pretty or because it just tasted good but I really enjoyed it and I will defentily make this again!

See you soon,



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