No-machine ice cream: Strawberry and passion fruit

“Ice cream is always an option”

This is the easiest ice cream recipe ever and  you only need a few ingredients. I got this recipe from Gemma Stafford, she has a YouTube channel called Bigger Bolder Baking. She has amazing recipes and  since I tried this recipe before and I love it, I thought I’d share it with you. Last time I made it with Oreo cookies and it shouldn’t be hard to believe that it was out of this world.


What you need:

-1 can (400ml/14oz) sweet condensed milk
-2 cups (450ml/16oz) whipping cream, cold

You simply whip up your whipping cream and add your condensed milk, mix it up again and then add some vanilla extract to taste, this makes sure your ice cream doesn’t freezes up hard. I only had vanilla bean and doesn’t do the same so mine was hard to scoop out.

I made to flavors, strawberry and passion fruit. For the strawberry one I chopped up some strawberries and mixed it in and poured it into a pot. For the passion fruit one I scooped the flesh out of 3 passion fruits and same as the strawberry one I mixed it up and poured it into a pot. I let these freeze for 24 hours but 6 hours should do the trick. I put mine into freezer bags after 24 hours because I heard that should keep the ice cream soft.

My favorite one was the strawberry because it tasted exactly like strawberries and cream, which it actually is.

I think this is a great alternative for making ice cream if you don’t have an ice cream machine like me. If you like ice cream, you will like this and if you don’t and you do like whipped cream then you still will like this because it tastes like frozen whipped cream.

See you soon,



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