Bubble tea – Recipe & different brands

Bubble tea, a delicious sweet drink that looks adorable and tastes amazing.


What is bubble tea? Bubble tea is a sweet tea or milk drink with pearl sor boba.

The first time I heard about bubble tea was on my vacation in Capetown. There was a bubble tea shop and it just looked so interesting that I had to try it myself. That vacation I drank so much bubble tea it was ridiculous. When I got home I immediately looked up if there were any bubble tea shops in Belgium and success because there are actually a couple. But the only problem is  that it’s a bit pricey if you drink so much bubble tea so after a while I started making my own bubble tea and it is as good as the one you buy in a shop.

As you might know bubble tea is made with tea and to that is a flavor added and boba. You can choose a fruity or a milk flavor, you can also choose different flavors of boba, traditionally you use tapioca pearl in your bubble tea. My recipe is very easy and so tasty, I chose to make a green tea apple drink with tapioca pearls.

There are 2 different types of tapioca pearl, regular and quick boiling ones. The bowl on the left contains the regular tapioca pearl, as you can see they are much lighter in color and they take around 30-35 minutes to cook. You need to drop these into boiling water not cold or they will turn into powder. The quick boiling ones, on the right, are much darker and they only take 5 minutes to cook. I think the quick boiling ones are much easier to use and they taste just the same as a regular tapioca pearls. After you boiled your tapioca pearl you sweeten them with honey or agave. Usually the recipe calls for a simple syrup but honey and agave works just as well and is much quicker. You can buy the pearls at the Asian supermarket.

In most bubble tea shops you can also chose fruity pearls. I haven’t tried making these since it is a pearl filled with syrup and I am not sure how to make these. In the shop I usually go to they sell the fruity pearl so I got some to show you the difference. I got green apple. As you can see the tapioca pearl get dark after they are boiled, the green apple pearl almost look like frog eggs, I know it sound weird but I promise you they both taste amazing.

Homemade Bubble tea


What you will need to make green tea apple bubble tea:
Tapioca pearls
Matcha powder
Apple flavored water
Honey or agave

First of all you need to boil your tapioca pearl so they can cool down. After I boiled my tapioca pearl I drizzle some honey on top and put them into the fridge. Next up is to make the drink, I choose to use matcha powder as my base. I use 15 grams of matcha powder and pour 10 ml or just enough of boiling water to dissolved the powder in. After the powder is dissolved I add in a cup of water and set this into the fridge to cool down.

When everything is cooled down you can assemble everything and make your bubble tea. To get the apple flavor into this drink I put a can of apple flavored water with the green tea. I add ice in there and then get a pretty glass. I put the tapioca pearl on the bottom and then add my drink on top. To drink bubble tea you need  a big straw, the opening should be big enough for the tapioca pearl to pass trough. I found this at the supermarket.


I also tried the green apple pearls in my drink, but I do think I prefer the tapioca pearls in this recipe.

U.loveit Taro milk tea


You can easily make bubble tea without doing all that work. In the Asian supermarket they sell a ‘diy-kit’ to make bubble tea. It is by the brand u.loveit and they have lots of different kind of flavors, I got the taro flavored one. The instructions are in Chinese so I had to look them up and on there site they have an English movie on how to make this drink. It is ridiculously easy to make.

In this diy-kit they give you two bags and a straw. The first bag is with the taro milk powder and the other bag is with the tapioca pearls.

The instructions say to first make your pearls, you pour the bag of pearl into the cup and pour boiling water on top and wait for 3 seconds and then the pearls are done.

When your pearl are done you add in the powder and then add hot water. You can make a hot or cold bubble tea with this. If you prefer your bubble tea to be hot and at this point you drink is done but I like mine to be cold so I put mine into the fridge to cool and added some ice before serving. You can drink it out of this cup but I put mine into a glass so I could really see the pearls.


I think this drink was really tasty and easy to make but the pearl weren’t good. They had a weird texture almost like to dried out and you just added water on them to make them a little bit less dry. I would make this again but just leave out the pearls and make my own.

If you haven’t had taro milk, then just let me say, you need to try this. I taste like vanilla cookies. If you get this at a bubble tea shop it has a pastel purple color, because they usually add food coloring to the milk powder.

Can of taro milk tea


I every Asian market I have been to they sell these pearl milk drinks. Since I wanted to try all different kinds of bubble tea I bought this to try out. I was really skeptical to try this because let’s be real, a can filled with milk and pearl doesn’t sound that appetizing. But I was totally wrong, this tasted amazing. It so much better then the bubble tea-kit and with this you don’t need to do anything expect open up the can. The tapioca do have an unusually color, they are see trough instead of black, they also are much smaller then the regular ones. Also this was so cheap, it was under a euro as the diy-kit was almost 2 euros.


8Tea5 Bubble tea shop


Last but not least bubble tea from a bubble tea shop. I got mine at 8Tea5 in Antwerp, I chose a taro milk tea with lemon boba. This is the most expensive one of them all, 4 euros,  but I might like this the best, there is something about going to the shop and choosing between all these different flavors that is so satisfying. I almost love watching how they make my drink.

I hope this article was helpful to you, I did learn more about bubble tea while I was writing this so I hope you did too while reading it.

See you soon,




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