Minnie Mouse OOTD

“Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine” – Minnie Mouse






I was going to wear my American flag skirt for 4th of July but after looking at the window I decided that wasn’t a good idea. It rained a lot today, so much that they almost cancelled the fireworks but luckly they didn’t. So I felt like wearing my Minnie Mouse outfit with my Minnie Mouse bag. Since it was a bit chilly I paired it with a boyfriend jeans and this beautiful cardigan I got in sale.

I also wasn’t feeling good about my hair and how it looked so I wanted it out of the way. I tried so much and ended up putting my hair back and then making to little braid on each side and putting a hair bead on each one. I am in love with these hair beads and they were so cheap, I got them on Aliexpress.

Cardigan – Esprit / Top – Forever 21 / Boyfriend jeans – H&M / Belt – H&M / Handbag – Primark / Flipflops – I honestly can’t remember but a cheap shop in Brussels

See you soon,



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