Make-up makeover: Jana

Getting a makeover is always fun but I had even more fun giving my friend a make-up makeover. Let me introduce this natural beauty, Jana. She is a good friend who is a cat lover like me, at home she has a very wild but oh so sweet cat called Roe. Roe is called after the baby kangaroo in Winnie the Poo. Jana loves trying out recipes and the snap chats she sends me of all her creations leaves me feeling very hungry! Jana usually wears mascara and eyeliner so today I thought I give her a full face of makeup but at the same time keeping it all ‘natural’ with some warm brown colors which go perfectly with her brown eyes and hair.

I am very sorry boys but she’s taken. 



Look at that highlight, can we just take a minute and appreciate that glow.


She looks amazing with that rose nude lip color from Sleek. 


Thank you Jana for being my model!

I really loved giving her a make-up makeover and I hope to be doing more. Next time I will definitely take some before pictures!

See you soon,



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