Homemade tuna cat treats

As a really cat lady I now want to make my cats homemade food. Since some of them –I have 5 cats- are picky eaters I thought it to be best to start with homemade cat treats and see if they liked it. As I thought some of them do like it but others don’t. They did all liked it before I put it in the oven, just not so much after they were baked. I will definitely try out other recipes and see which ones they like the best.


To make these Tuna crackers you will need:
-1 can of tuna (66 grams)
-125 grams breadcrumbs
-30 grams spelt flour
-2 tablespoons sunflower oil
– 1 egg white-1/8 teaspoon beer yeast
-40 ml water

  1. Blend the tuna with a bit of water until it forms a paste. Add to the paste all the other ingredients. I used beer yeast that I take as a supplement en just crushed it so it would become powder. Cover the mixture with a clean towel and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  2. Preheat the oven on 180 Β°C or 356 F. Roll the mixture out and cut into bit sized pieces, I had this cutter that was specifically to make cat treats, I got it in a box with lot’s of recipes for cats.
  3. Bake them for 16 minutes, when you take them out let them dry out. Then you can either put them in a jar, they are good for up to 2 weeks, or in a little freezer bag, they last a few months in the freezer.




I threw some of the tuna crackers in their dry food. They seem to like that.

Let me know if you have some good recipes for cat food and if you try this recipe please share pictures of your cat trying these treats –I love cat pictures.

See you soon,



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