Starbucks Pink drink recipe

The pink drink has taken the internet and on my holiday to the states I had the opportunity to taste the famous ‘secret’ Starbucks drink and let me tell you, I fell in love at first sip. It’s so nice, refreshing and creamy from the coconut milk. This was literally everything I wanted in one drink. Unfortunately they can’t make it at the Starbuckses in Belgium, like really Starbucks? Belgium can’t have this amazing drink, what’s up with that?
Since I can’t have it here I decided to make my own pink drink.


For the people who are thinking, ‘what is this crazy person talking about’, well –where have you been that you haven’t heard of the pink drink- the pink drink is on the secret Starbucks menu and it is the strawberry açai refresher with coconut milk. It seems simple but the coconut milk brings the refresher to a whole other level.


I searched everywhere for a strawberry açai green tea but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I did however found it online on the walmart site and the lipton site so I know they sell it in the states but they don’t in Belgium or not that I know off. So I had to improvise, I bought strawberry vanilla tea and green tea with açai and goji berry. I thought that these two together would be the closest I could get to the lipton strawberry açai green tea. I also got dried strawberries since the pink drink has dried strawberries in it.
strawberry acai


To make the tea I took 3 bags of each one and let it steep for 5 minutes in hot water. I once read that there are a lot of antioxidants in your tea and when you brew your tea the antioxidants reach there peak at 5 minutes of brewing. Antioxidants are for many reasons good for your body, after I read that article I always let my tea brew for 5 minutes. If you want to read that article you can here.


After 5 minutes I took the tea bags out and filled the rest of pitcher with water. I think in total I have 1,5 liter ice tea. I let this cool down for a few hours in the fridge. At this point you can sweeten it but I decided to leave it like this so everyone can choose how sweet they want it. I used agave to sweeten my drink.


After a few hours I took it out of the fridge and filled my cup with the tea and ice and then sweetened it, added a splash of coconut milk and a few dried strawberries.



Mix it with your straw and you have your homemade pink drink. I like the Starbucks version a bit better but none the less this drink was very refreshing and delicious.

Make sure to try the pink drink at Starbucks or at home!

See you soon,





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