Breakfast for dinner or should I say Brinner?

We decided to have breakfast for dinner so as I liked to say ‘brinner’, breakfast and dinner together. You might wonder how we got this idea, well my mom loves posting recipe links on my sisters and my Facebook. She posted a recipe link of pancakes last week and my sister commented ‘for dinner?’ so we went with it and had breakfast for dinner on sunday. This really reminds me of something they would do in wonderland at the matter hatters table.

2016-08-21 18.43.25

My mom and I made pancakes, some with blueberries, scones, melon with Serrano ham and hash browns with guacamole and smoked salmon.


We made plain scones and topped it with some cinnamon and coconut sugar. I love the cinnamon and coconut sugar on top, for me that really makes it even better and it already is.

DSC_0296 (2)

DSC_0294 (2)

We mad mostly plain pancakes but we also made some with blueberries and chocolate syrup. I found this great chocolate syrup with and orange and spice flavor, the great thing about this syrup is that it is vegan and has no added sugar in it. I also baked some apple with coconut sugar, cinnamon and vanilla beans.

DSC_0299 (2)

For something savory on our plates, we made hashbrowns topped it with some fresh guacamole, lettuce, smoked salmon and bean sprouts. The raspberry was pure decoration but actually tasted so good on this. This was so good and very fresh.

2016-08-21 18.43.23

Then lastly we also had some honey melon on the table and some Serrano ham which is great together.

I had some chai tea with my brinner, we got this chai tea mix at Trader Joe’s, you just need to mix the powder with hot water.

What do you think about breakfast as dinner and are you going to try it? If you do, be sure to send me pictures!

See you soon,



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