Mermaid makeup look

Being a mermaid is something everyone wants to be, especially nowadays. I thought it would be fun to create a mermaid makeup look. Now that the summer is over and school is starting again for most people, I think it is thing to think about what I am going or who I am going to be for Halloween. Now if I would be a mermaid for Halloween I would definitely be a gruesome mermaid, with a hook stuck in her mouth and with some scary mermaid gills in the neck. But today I just played around with a pretty mermaid look.


“There is a million fish in the sea but I’m a mermaid.”



“Sorry I can’t.. I have important mermaid stuff to do.”


As you can see, I used a shit ton of glitter – excuse my language – but that it gave me a great glow. I might use this lose glitter from now on as my highlighter.


The pink glitter and eyeliner are both from NYX.


As for my hair, as you can see, I pulled it back a bit and curled the ends and to top it off I colored it with some hair chalk pink and then added lot’s and lots of glitter.


To add the ‘scales’ I used fishnet stockings and dabbed on some purple and pink body paint.


On my lips I am wearing LA splash – Guadalupe.


“I would just really like to be a mermaid. Swim around all day. No legs to shave, long luscious hair, and starfish bras. I have big dreams.”


I hope you got a little inspired to create your own mermaid look, If you do then be sure to send me pictures!

See you soon,




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