The BFG’s frobscottle and snozzcumber

“You’ll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that.” – Roald Dahl, BFG

This summer was looking up lot’s and lot’s of different ideas to make for my blog and I stumbled on a blog called Food in literature , I immediately became in love with all the recipes she makes. She recreates recipes that you read in books and she especially loves Harry Potter and well I do too so that’s great! I saw that she made frobscottle from The BFG from Roald Dahl, I still needed to read that book since I never was a big reader when I was a kid. I thought this was the perfect time to read the book and see the movie, which I still have to do, I of course saw the original children’s movie and I love that movie. So to really get in the mood I thought it be perfect to try and make my own version of fronscottle and snozzcumber.


Snozzcumber is described as to be black with white stripes along its length and it to be covered all over with coarse knobbles. Sophia said the snozzcumber tasted of frog skin and rotten fish and the BFG said it tasted like cockroaches and slime wanglers. Now that doesn’t sound very appetizing of eat or to want to recreate so I thought I’d make a more tasteful snozzcumber.


To make the snozzcumber you will need:

-Half of a cucumber
-1 can of tuna
-Half an apple
-Half an avocado
-1/4 of an union
-1 tablespoon of mayo
-Greek yogurt
-Black sesame seeds
-Herbs to your liking

  1. First you will need to make the tuna salad which we will stuff the cucumber with, as the snozzcumber is supposed to taste like fish. Chop up your apple, union and avocado into small cubes and set aside. Crumble up your tuna with a fork and add in the avocado, union and apple. Mix in your mayonnaise and season with salt & pepper. I added in some paprika powder but you can add any herb you like.
  2. To make the cucumber look like a snozzcumber, I hollowed the cucumber stuffed it with the tuna salad, then peeled the skin of but left a bit of the green. I smeared in a straight line on some Greek yogurt and sprinkled on the black sesame seeds. If you want to have the knobbles on the snozzcumber you can stick on some popcorn.


Frobscottle is the opposite of snozzcumber, it is delicious and magical. The bubbles don’t go up but down which make you go whizzpopping. Sophia described this drink as to be sweet and refreshing, tasting like vanilla and cream with a faintest trace of raspberries.


To make Frobscottle you will need:

– 1 can of cream soda
-Green food coloring
-1 can of raspberry lemonade
-1 packet of pop rocks

  1. In a cup mix in the can of cream soda and the can of raspberry lemonade, add in a few of the green food coloring and mix. Pour into a bottle and to finish it of add in some pop rocks.


I loved this drink, it was so sweet and delicious. The pop rocks really made it feel like the bubbles were popping the other way. I first wanted to use raspberry essence but I couldn’t find any so I just used raspberry lemonade and it was great with the cream soda. The cream soda I got wasn’t brown it was just clear, I know that some cream soda’s have a brown color or are a bit colored, but since mine wasn’t it was easy to color it green.



This was so much fun to make and great if you are going to watch the movie.

See you soon,



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