Steaming herbs + tips for clear skin & morning/evening routine

I think it’s fair to say that it isn’t easy to get and then maintain clear skin. Last year I especially had a lot of problems with my skin, I had lot’s of bumps on my skin that just wouldn’t go away, I had pimples that just kept coming back, the redness on my cheeks was coming back, so I went to dermatologist  and she recommend a cream and a day cream, that I still use. That did help but what really helped me but there were other things that helped even more and it got rid of the pimples that always came back on the same spot and reduced the redness in my face. I also have a very sensitive skin so not every product works on my face, that’s why I mostly use natural and dermatological approved products.

Wash, wash, wash, wash..


Washing your skin is so important and not only to remove your makeup. I wash my wash every morning and evening and when I don’t wear makeup that day I sometimes clean my face trough out the day.

In the morning I first splash some cold water in my face before I eat my breakfast, after my breakfast I wash my face with a face wash or I scrub it, every once in a while I use my clarasonic- like machine to wash my face. I then apply my day cream. In the evening I take of my makeup – if I was wearing makeup that day- then I wash it with a face soap and then with a cotton pad I go over my face with micellair water, just to make sure everything has come off. Then I spray on some rose water, I let that dry on my face and then apply a face oil and my eye cream.

The products I use:

  • Micellair water – Garnier
  • Scrubs – St. Ives Green tea scrub & apricot scrub
  • Cleanser – BiorΓ© Charcoal cleanser, Soap&Glory Vitamin C facial wash
  • Day cream – La roche posay Hydraphase intense
  • Face oil – Botanics facial oil
  • Eye cream – Kruidvat Vitmanine E eye cream
  • Makeup removing wipes –Pacifica coco pure, Black magic towels from Sephora


Once or twice a week I apply a mask on face, to really clean out my pores and relax. After I clean my face I apply my mask, I always use different masks, and then lay on my bed for 15 minutes to let it dry and then wash it off.



Drink lot’s & lot’s of water, now I love drinking water. I even keep a cup of water next to my bed because I get thirsty in the night which is normal since you don’t drink anything for 8 or more hours. If you are not used to drinking a lot of water then try to put a glass of water or a bottle next to you and instantly you tend to drink more. If that doesn’t work then try to drink detox water, so you don’t just drink plain ‘boring’ water. I made try different detox waters that you can try.  Water keeps your skin hydrated and helps fight those wrinkles nobody wants.

Steaming hot herbs


I got this idea when I was shopping in Tj-max, I saw a pot of steaming herbs and it was a blend of eucalyptus, lavender, essential oil and some other herbs. I thought that was pretty great but so easy to make yourself, you just mix some herbs together in a bowl and pour in some hot water and it’s that easy to steam your face.


I chose to use lavender, chamomile and peppermint. Lavender is very soothing and perfect to relax your muscles, chamomile helps calm the redness in your face and sooth as well, it also cleans out wounds. Peppermint is great for when you have a cold and you want to open everything up, your nose and lungs. It’s not only great for when you are sick but it’s also great for when you need to concentrate, it helps to enhance memory and increase alertness. I added in some essential oils as well, lavender oil and orange, both great to relax your body.

Simply pour in a few tablespoons of the mixture and add in the essential oils and boiling water in a bowl. Lay a towel over you head and lean over the bowl.

This will open up your pores and make sure your muscles relax. After the steaming clean your face and spray on some rose water.

That is how my skin got clear and this really helped the redness in my skin. It also really helped my redness and this may sound strange to some people but wearing foundation helped me. It protects my skin from the changing of the weather, when it’s hot outside and you go inside where there is air condition and then go back in the heat, that doesn’t help the redness in my skin so foundation helps protect my skin from that problem. Maybe it isn’t as strange since I once read at the office of my dermatologist that foundation helps redness, so look at that makeup helps your skin!

Do you have any other tips that could help me or others? Pleas, PLEASE share them with me!

See you soon,



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