Halloween costumes and looks

Not sure what you are going to be for Halloween, need a bit of inspiration? Perfect, I think I can help you with that. Here are a few looks that did for Halloween or did the past years.

Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas


I made dress myself but you can easily find her dress in every Halloween or costume store. The normally has no black locks in her hair but since that was the only wig that I found, I just rolled with it. The makeup is very simple, you only need green-blue body paint and an eye liner for her stitches, some fake eye lashes and red lipstick.

Emily from The Corps Bride


I love The Corps Bride, it is such a great movies and Emily is great and fun character to be for Halloween. I made a simple white skirt and then used a simple white stretch top and glued on some stretch white lace. The blue wig I got from Wallmart, as well as the head band. I found these fake white roses and I painted the tops blue to match her hair and skin color. I used a blue face paint and lot’s of blue eye shadows for the makeup and black eye liner for the eye lashes and eyebrows. I covered my eyebrows with glue and then painted on the blue body paint. I know I could have done a better job at the dress and the one arm that is supposed to be a skeleton but I am not good of a painter or am I that good at stitching to make a wedding dress from scratch.

Broken doll


With this look you can really play around, you can make it as creepy or as bloody as you want. I did make that necklace myself with polymer clay, I made some bones and a heart with needles in.

Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi, Mother of dragons


I made my dress myself with lots and lots of struggles, I followed the video from TheSorryGirls on YouTube and got my wig from Aliexpress. I put in some blue contacts but if you want it to be like the books you can put in violet contacts. The pin I put on the dress I got for my birthday from a friend.

Injured, dead or a zombie

zombiee.jpgnail to the head.jpg

You can go every direction with this, it very easy to make yourself look tired and dead with some eye shadows, light foundation and blood. If you want you can go all out the FX makeup and make a real scary look. I practice every year on my FX skills and every year I buy more and more products. Even with only liquid latex you can create some awesome and gore looks, so just play around and if you mess up you can cover it in lot’s of blood!

I also made a pretty and gore barbie look on my blog if you want to check that out or a pretty unicorn .

I will be posting more Halloween looks the next weeks, so be sure to check those out!

Decided what you are going to be?





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