Halloween: Unicorn inspired makeup

Halloween is right around the corner and I love playing around with different looks. I did already decided who or what I am going to be for Halloween, I am going to Ariel, The Little Mermaid with a bloody twist and on another party I am going to be a werewolf victim. I will be posting those looks here on my blog! But today I have this not so gore unicorn look.


I had so much fun with this look because I used so many gold eye shadows it was amazing. I just bought this liquid pearl gold eye shadow that I used on my face and eyelid.


Don’t judge, this is my first time trying this lip drip that you see everywhere on the internet and honestly it was so much fun to do but it didn’t really came out the way I wanted but hey it’s my first time and with a little more practice maybe it will turn out better next time!

The lenses I am wearing are from Pinky paradise and they are amazing. They don’t hurt or irritate my eyes and whenever I wear them I feel like a fairy. The best thing is that you can keep them for a year and they are only 20 dollars, such a good deal.

I used lose hot pink eye shadow from Essence on my eyebrows and a blue eye shadow from Sleek from there ‘Calm before the storm’ palette. I then added on a brow gel from Kiko and added some glitter on top from NYX ‘Violet’, on my brow bone I added some NYX glitter primer and on top of that another NYX glitter ‘Rose’.

On my lips I used LA Splash Lip luster ‘Guadalupe’ and to make the drip I used a clear lipgloss and mixed in some lose gold eye shadow from Essence.

I primed my eyes with the NYX jumbo pencil in ‘Milk’ and put on my lower lash line as well. The liquid pearl I used is from Wycon in the color ‘Bronzo’, a little goes a long way, this product is really amazing. In the outer corner of my eyelid I used ‘Cinnamon Roll’ from H&M and in the inner corner I used some more of that liquid pearl. On my lower lash line I used ‘Russet Rose’ from H&M.




This wig is a wig I bought on Aliexpress and is a cosplay wig I used originally for when I went to Comic con as Khaleesi, the mother of dragons.



I couldn’t decide which wig I wanted to wear so I didn’t chose- I am so good at deciding if you couldn’t tell. This wig is from Lockshop in ‘Soft waves vanilla’ and feels so good, I looks just like real hair even though it’s synthetic. The unicorn horn with ears I got from H&M.

What or who are you going to be for Halloween?

See you soon,




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