Salmon, egg and sprouts toast

Avocado toast is all the rage and don’t get me wrong I love avocado toast, it is delicious and nutritious, best of both worlds-sing it Hannah. But after always eating toast met avocados I decided to leave it out for once and make an toast that is just as good, maybe even better. I made this for myself as breakfast/lunch and right after I sat down the rest of my family walked in and immediately wanted this for lunch as well.

2016-11-07 18.19.38.jpg

What do you need for this Salmon, egg and sprouts toast;

2 Slices of smoked salmon (1 per toast)
A mix of sprouts
2 Slices brown bread (toasted)
2 Fried eggs, sunny side up (1 per toast)
Little bit of margarine

  1. First of all you need to fry your eggs, let the pan get nice and hot and trow in some oil or butter. When your eggs are cooking trow on some salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Put some margarine or butter on your toast and then place on egg and a slice of smoked salmon, then just top it off with some sprouts. I used a mix of sprouts but you can use whatever sprouts you find. I sprinkled a little bit of salt on top but you don’t have to.

2016-11-07 18.20.13.jpg

Look at that egg yolk run all over the toast, I mean does this not look super tasty? Lot’s of colors and the sprouts really make this toast. I love to use sprouts because they are so good for you and the taste amazing.

2016-11-07 18.19.43.jpg

Are you going to make this toast? If you do please share your pictures with me, if you don’t.. Why not? Why aren’t you going to make this? It is delicious, trust me.



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