Cosplay: Harley Quinn & Negan crossover

“I love your perfume. What is that? The stench of death?” – Harley Quinn


“That’s so cute. You think you’re scary. Well mister, I’ve seen scary and you don’t have his smile”- Harley Quinn

Ever since I saw the drawing from Bosslogic of a Harley Quinn and The Walking Dead crossover, I wanted to do this cosplay.  In the drawing from Bosslogic, she had grey ombre black hair but I knew I wanted to keep the hair blond and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have it like the new Harley or the old from the comics. I looked online for which one I liked more, I got my wig from Aliexpress. I thought about spraying the ends of my wig in black and red, the original colors of Harley and also the colors Negan wears.



I wanted to wear a leather jacket as Negan does but since Harley has “Property of the joker” on her jacket I wanted to change that to “Property of Negan”. I used an old fake leather jacket I had in my closet that I didn’t wear anymore, I painted the text on with acrylic paint. I used a stencil I made online to sponge on “Property of Negan” and then hand painted the rest, I also painted on Lucille and spattered on some red paint to make it look like blood.


“Excuse the shit out of my goddamn French” – Negan

To make the shirt, I went with the shirt that Harley Quinn is wearing in Suicide Squad but I changed the text “Daddy’s lil monster” to “Daddy’s lil savior. I bought a cheap white t-shirt and cut of the sleeves just below the elbow and used fabric paint to paint on the red, I did this very messy since Harley’s shirt is very messy. I made a stencil online and printed it out on to transfer paper, I bought at a craft store (Action for people from Belgium or the Netherlands), and cut it out and then ironed the text on to the shirt.


For the bat I bought a foam at the thrift shop, I painted because the foam was blue so it needed to look more like a wooden bat. Since I wanted to take this with me to Comic Con I had to make it safe. I painted on ‘Good night’ in red and wrote the text, that Harley has on her bat, on the bat with a sharpie. For the barbwire, I used some fake barbwire I had from Halloween and spray painted it silver, I then glued it on the bat so it would stay in place and then dabbed on some red paint with a sponge to make it look like she just smashed someones head in.


“Little pig,little pig , let me in” – Negan

Then to finish the outfit I simply put on a skinny black jeans, a studded belt I bought at the thrift shop, some finger less gloves and a pair of booths. For makeup I made my one eyelid red and the other black, I drew a tiny heart right under my eye on one side and put on some red lipstick.


I had a lot of fun making and wearing this costume and it was one of the easiest costumes I ever made while It still looked like I put in a lot effort. We saw lot’s of Negan and Harley cosplay but I didn’t see any crossover cosplay so I am very happy with mine. If you try your own crossover of TWD en Harley Quinn, please send me pictures, I would love to see yours!




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