How to plan: studying abroad in London

One month ago I left to go to London for 3 weeks, to study and improve my English. It was an amazing experience and I recommend this to everyone who is thinking about studying abroad. I wish I went longer then 3 weeks because the time just flew by and definitely didn’t have enough time to explore whole London.


I began my planning with an online search, I wanted to go with an organization so I made different appointments with different organizations and went with the one that felt right to me, which was WEP. Going abroad can be very expensive and out of all the organizations I looked up this was the one that wasn’t to expensive and the one that gave me great advice and really helped me. Right after my appointment with them I had such a good feeling, I immediately booked my trip.They let you chose if you want to stay with a family or in a student house, they also let you chose in which school you want to study. At WEP they recommended me to stay at a student house because when you stay with a family you probably have to travel an hour every day to get to school. She also helped me chose a school, she told me that Stafford House is a small school where everyone knows each other, which is perfect when you arrive somewhere where you don’t know anyone.


I loved studying at Stafford House, the teachers were great and everyone was very helpful. The first day they explain you everything and you take a speaking and writing test to determine your your level and in which class is perfect for you. Depending on which program you take, you have more or less classes. I had a standard program and I had two classes, one in the afternoon (Advanced English) and one in the afternoon (Ideas and issues), my school day ended at 13:30pm. For me that was perfect because the rest of the day I explored London. I can only recommend this school!

I saved up most of the money I earned at my student job and I got some money from my parents and grandparents. To be sure thatΒ  had enough cash for food and public transportation and everything else, I changed 800€ which left me with 680Β£. I used my credit card a few times, but as good as never.


I traveled by Eurostar (train) to London, which for me is the easiest way to get there. However you travel, keep in mind to book your tickets in advance, if you book them a couple months before you leave it is a lot cheaper then if you would book them last minute. The great thing about taking the train is that you can take as much with you as you want, my bag was so heavy I had trouble getting it up and down the stairs.


I looked up all the things I wanted to do, see and eat. I wanted to go to the Warner Bro’s studios for the Harry Potter studios but I was already to late. So if you want to make sure that you can do everything that you want to do, make sure to plan ahead. As you may know I love food, so I looked up all the places I wanted to visit.

I you have any questions, be sure to ask in the comments or contact met via social media! I will post more article as to which places are worth visiting in London, tips & tricks and where to eat.




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