Magical unicorn cocktails

I made 2 very magical –glitter included- unicorn cocktails, that are not only delicious but also very fun to look at. In fact I would even say they are mesmerizing. I decided to name the first unicorn cocktails “The pink unicorn” and the second one “The dark n’ stormy unicorn”. The best part of these cocktails is that you don’t need any skills to make these, I know nothing about making cocktails and these turned out great so I bet you can make these even better!


“Roll me in fairy dust and call me a unicorn”


For the Pink Unicorn, you will need:

Aviva Rose
Evian ‘Fruits & plants’ Grape juice and rose flavor

  1. Take a pretty martini glass and fill half of it with the Evian and then fill the other half of the glass with the Aviva rose. If you want you can decorate this with rose rose pedals, enjoy!

For the Dark n’ Stormy Unicorn, you will need:

Aviva Rose
Blue Curaçao
Raspberry liker
Ice cubes

  1. Take a tall glass and decorate it how you like, I dip the edge in honey and rolled it in sprinkles. I poured some ice cubes in my glass and then added in a small base of the raspberry liker and the added very carefully, pouring on top of the ice, the Aviva rose until the glass was almost full. I then took a spoon and poured the Blue Curaçao on the spoon in the glass, you only need a little bit to you get the rainbow effect you desire.
  2. I topped it with some cotton candy and a straw, enjoy!




“Alcohol, because no great story starts with a salad”




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