10 of my favorite places in London to eat & drink

Are you in love with food just like me then trust in me –trussssst in me, yes I am thinking of Kaa in the Jungle Book- and go to London and stuff your face, like I did.

  1. Homeslice (Pizza)


This is by far the best pizza I have ever eaten and I have eaten a lot of pizza. –Who hasn’t?- My friend, who lives in London, recommended me this place, she also said that I needed to try the one with ricotta, mushrooms, pumpkinseeds and chilli flakes. Now I don’t really like mushrooms but since I went with a friend who is vegetarian, we went for this pizza. BEST. DECISION. EVER. It seems as if a angel made this, the sauce that is on top is crazy good. You get a huge pizza for 20£ which you need to share with a friend because I overate myself and we still couldn’t finish it. They have multiple locations all over London.


2. Bibimbab Café


The first day of school one of the teachers recommended us this Korean place, a place little café near school. Since I love Asian food and have tried to make bibimbab at home myself, I absolutly wanted to try this. I fell in love with this place, it was so good. It may not look like much but I assure you, if you like Korean food you need to go to this place. This whole meal, drink included cost me 9£. I got  a bowl of miso soup on the side and the drink was a Korean soft drink which was yogurt flavored. Also one of my new favorite drinks, it tasted like the yogurt flavored boba’s you get with your bubble tea.

37 Museum street, London, WC1A 1LP

3. Wahaca


Wahaca is a Mexican street food place that has lot’s of locations all over London. They have a variety of tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, taquitos and so much more. I haven’t eaten one thing I didn’t like, also a good option is to take their Wahaca selection which is perfect for 2 people. Their homemade drinks are also great, my favorite is their Horchata, were I still dream about.


4. Granger&co


Granger & co was also recommended to me by a friend, she said that they had the best açai bowls, which unfortunately I couldn’t try but I did try their famous fresh aussie and excuse my French but that was fucking amazing. So simple yet so flavorful, the salmon is smoked with jasmine tea. You get a plate full of fresh veggies and 2 perfectly poached eggs.


5. Soft serve society


If you want an ice cream that is Instagram worthy and you also kinda want a sugar rush then go to “Soft serve Society”. I discovered this place through Instagram –Duh!– so I of course needed to try this. I went with a friend and we both got the same thing, only I got the flavor of the month which was Taro and it was everything, but because I wanted to try more things on the menu I went back the next day –yeah I am not obsessed with food or anything..-.  That one was also great, I got matcha soft serve with red bean paste and mochi.

Unit 35 Boxpark Shoreditch, London.

6. Farm Girl Cafe


It was my sister that read about this place on Tanya Burr’s blog, we ate our breakfast here on a Sunday and knowing that lot’s of people come here we went pretty early. Lucky we did because just when our food arrived there was already a whole line outside waiting to be seated. We all had the avocado toast, only I ate mine with coconut bacon –coconut flakes seasoned and baked in the oven- and my mom and sister ate theirs with a poached egg. Our hot beverages had the cutest latte art, which I loved. They also had a big choice of vegan cakes. Definitely a place you need to visit if you are in London.

59a Portobello road, London W11 3D8.

7. Island Poke


Another great place I found through Instagram, I was searching for a great poke place since I only tried to make it at home but I never tried it anywhere else. The first thing I want you to know about this place is that the man who made my bowl was so nice and helpful, he explained me how I could make my bowl or chose a combination from the menu. I asked to assemble my own bowl and ironically the bowl I made was already a bowl combination that was on the menu. The tuna was so full of flavor and it just melted in my mouth like butter, just freaking amazing, the whole bowl was just fantastic.

8 Kingly St, London w1B 5PQ.

8. Bao


Bao has been on my foodlist for such a long time, so I was very happy when I finally could check it off my list. Bao is a bit more expensive, since you pay around 4-5£ per plate and I would say 3-4 plates are enough to be full, depending on how much you eat. I got 2 plates and a glass of peanut milk. Both of the things I ordered were delicious and very special which I really like, my friend thought it all looked very weird and tasted special but it was her first time trying an Asian dish so when just get a steamed hamburger bun stuffed with a black sausage in front of you, it might seem weird at first. I absolutely want to come back to try more of their dishes.  They have 2 locations.

Soho, 53 Lexington Street, London W1F 9AS.

9. Chin Chin Labs


Now this is a really special place, here they make your ice cream per order with liquid nitrogen. they have a bunch of stand mixers to make your order. I didn’t order an ice cream, although I did tasted my friends burned caramel flavored one and that was to die for, I got their also famous hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow fluff. The chocolate milk on it’s own is so chocolaty, a dream for all the chocolate lovers out there, but then they top it with a big scoop of there homemade marshmallow fluff and then burn it a little bit-HEAVEN-. they have different locations.


10. Cereal killer cafe


Maybe everyone has heard of this cafe or maybe not, so if not let me tell you all about it. Here you can make your own bowl of milk, sound boring? Well fear not, they have every cereal you can imagine, including lot’s of toppings to make your bowl perfect and to top it all off they have different flavors milk. And if you’re not in the mood for a bowl of cereal then you can always get a milkshake, like I did-Peanut butter heaven shake-. They have lot’s of locations all over London.





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