Taho – Philippine snack recipe

Last week I made some homemade sushi and served that with miso soup, with result that I still had half of the silken tofu left in my fridge. I didn’t want this tofu to go to wait so I looked different sort of recipes with silken tofu and I came a across Taho, a Philippine snack. Taho is made with fresh silken tofu, sago pearls and a sweetener. Since I made this last minute, I only had tapioca pearls on had but sago pearls are very similar to tapioca pearls. Also the recipes I looked up, used palm sugar as sweetener and I didn’t had that either so I used brown sugar.

2017-05-16 16.32.56.jpg

It is getting warmer here in Belgium, hopefully it stays this way, so this snack was perfect. Cold and refreshing, I couldn’t wait so mine was a bit warm from the tapioca pearls but it was still good.

2017-05-16 16.31.21

To make Taho, you will need: (serves 1) 

7 ounces or 200g silken tofu (extra soft tofu)
1/3 cup or 73g brown sugar
1/2 cup or 50g tapioca pearls
1 tablespoons water

  1. First of all you need to prepare your tapioca pearl or if you have sago pearls that is even better. I chose quick boiling tapioca pearls, but you can use whatever kind you have on hand. Be sure to read the directions on the package because every brand has a different cooking directions. I added in a tablespoon or so brown sugar into the boiling water my tapioca pearls were cooking.
  2. Next up is the sweetener, for that I heated up the brown sugar into a pot with the water, just until the brown sugar was completely melted and was very syrupy.
  3. Let everything cool down before serving, then fill your serving cup with the tofu, then the pearls and then drizzle in as much syrup as you like. Enjoy!





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