4 simple Halloween looks

This Halloween was a bit different than any other year, for many reasons. But I got to play with lots of things: new makeup and photoshop. Without it my eyes wouldn’t have the right creepy color and the look just wouldn’t be as good. Photoshopping your eyes is also much cheaper than actually buying colored lenses, very good for my wallet.

These looks are very easy, because I am no pro. I just go with what I think looks good or cool.

Black Soul

black out eyes.jpg

For this look I took a foundation that is lighter than my actual skin color, for the eyes I swiped on a rustic red color and for the lips I used a black matte color. I found some black blood that I let drip from the bottom of my eyes and the eyes I colored black with photoshop.

Stitched mouth

blod shot eyes mouth shut.jpg

Every Halloween I want to create this look but I never did, so this year I finally did. I glued flos in criss cross over my mouth with some eyelash glue. I added in some fake blood a bit of black eyeliner/eyeshadow and then used that black blood again for some tears. The bloodshot eyes are of course done with photoshop.

Dripping skull


This look I think could be better but it was my first time trying this so it still looks okay for the first attempt. I drew a skeleton mouth with black and white face paint and let some Mehron 3D- gel drip down my face to look like melting skin. The eyes again are done with photoshop and I put on a wig for that full hair effect.

Half skull


This look I didn’t do myself but a friend of mine tried this on me. I think this looks great, she used an black eyeliner stick and white faceprint for the skull part. The other part of my face she made extra brown so the white would stand out even more.

Which Halloween looks did you create this year? Send me picture!

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.56.03 PM



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