Starbucks secret menu drinks

As you may know Starbucks has a secret menu and I tried a few out. Continue reading


BB Seaweed – Lush mask

Since I just finished my lush BB Seaweed mask I want to share my thoughts of this mask with you. This is my first mask from Lush and I liked it. It’s a mask suited for all skin types and feels very fresh on your skin. Continue reading

Lockshop review; Blonds have more fun?

I have been looking at this web-shop for some time but could never decide which wig I should get? Especially since it’s my first really wig apart from my wigs for my costumes. Then suddenly they introduced there new line ‘Soft waves’ with lot’s of natural colors, all so pretty. I already had my mind set on a blond wig so I decided I would get one of the new collection,Β Soft waves Vanille.Β  Continue reading